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The history of the Japanese classical flute is quite long and complicated, with an exotic image, in fact it’s closer than you think. It combines thousands years long history and classical approach to the musicianship. Once you start to explore the world, you will reveal the central core of the music, reflected in different cultures.


The diverse range of performances includes those at the Agency for Cultural Affairs; Cultural Ambassador Forum (in Roppongi, Tokyo), the Hirakawachō Spring Performance, the Echizen Kizuna Evening Concert, Toppan Hall, and the Okayama Symphony Hall, as well as museums and temples throughout Japan.


I believe that everyone should learn a musical instrument. Japanese classical flute is one the best ways to develop your musicianship and spirit. Violin, piano, etc., the Japanese flute stands with other classical instruments completing the circle of the world treasure. Book your lesson now!

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